. . . promoting healthy family disputes

Heartsmiles Legal Aid Family Dispute Resolution Service
The heartsmiles Legal Aid Family Dispute Resolution Service is centered on marriage and family relationships as we seek to promote healthy family disputes via providing legal aid to emotionally abused individuals and offer family mediation services to disputed families. Heartsmiles Legal Aid understands the role and the place of the family in the society and we provide legal aid to families and child(ren) whose homes are ripping apart. We believe that one of the ways to be free of, and avoid emotional trauma and depression is to seek legal aid.

Heartsmiles Legal Aid is set up to:

1) Reduce to the barest the rate of divorce in our society
2) Protect the interest of the child(ren) in disputed homes and families
3) Discourage domestic violence and prevent its consequences in our society
4) Help repair broken and dysfunctional homes and families
5) Provide emotional support within the confine of the laws to victims of all forms of abuse within the family or cohabitants
6) Educate victims of abuses on their legal rights

Our Legal aid service covers on

1) Family mediation
2) Divorce and separation mediation
3) Domestic violence

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